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Whether you live for cold mornings on the side of the mountain or warm afternoons in a lush river valley, Sitka Gear designs the products that keep you there until the hunt is through. Big Game, Whitetail, or Waterfowl, Sitka Gear makes the apparel and accessories that transform this year's hunting adventures into unforgettable experiences. Learn more about your outdoor systems with Sitka Gear here.

Sitka hunting gear isn't your normal outdoor apparel. It's packed full of technology that wicks away moisture, preserves warmth and stops wind dead in its tracks like GORE-TEX™, PRIMEALOFT™, and WIND STOPPER™. In addition, Sitka clothing treated with POLYGIENE™ ensures you'll be scent-free so the game you're after will come in for the closest possible shot. View more information on Sitka Gear technology here. Sitka camo features one of the best concealment patterns in the business, Gore Optifade, and it is currently available in Elevated II, Open Country, Waterfowl Marsh, Waterfowl Timber and the newest addition, Subalpine. Everything from Sitka jackets to Sitka gloves and Sitka rain gear is available in your favorite patterns. Get the best price on Sitka Gear right here at 1800GEAR, and make that dream hunt a reality. Check back regularly for Sitka Gear sale and Sitka Gear clearance events! is an authorized dealer of Sitka Gear.  

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